Pest Control Service

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What is pest control service?

Pest control service is the process of removing or minimizing undesirable pests and insects from somewhere inhabited by or used by people. The pest control work itself will usually take place in a home, a public building, or a place of business. The process typically employs the use of an insecticide to prevent pests from entering the inhabited space.

Why do I need pest control service?

Having pests or insects in your home can severely disrupt your life and create an unsafe and unhealthy environment for your family. Many pests are destructive and can cause considerable damage to a home or place of business. A pest control professional can eradicate unwanted pests and insects from your home or business, creating a safer and more livable environment.

How does the process work?

When contacted, a qualified pest control operator will typically come to your home or place of business and provide an inspection to determine the nature of the pest problem. The professional will then create a plan of action to address the problem. Typical pest control service and treatments will include using baits or spraying with chemical or natural compounds, settings traps, and sealing of any areas where pests are suspected of entering.